Why Should Cabinet Makers Care About Using Eco-Friendly Materials?

February 14, 2018

Today, we understand how certain elements can negatively affect the air quality of a home. We also know that we need to protect our environment through using the right materials in constructing the various components of a house, including the cabinetry. For all of these reasons, cabinet makers now are turning to eco-friendly materials in their various creations. Below, we further explain why they should do this in order to illustrate our thoughts on the topic.

Eliminates Formaldehyde from Cabinets

One of the main reasons why cabinet makers should use environmentally friendly materials in their cabinets is that they will eliminate formaldehyde from their products. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and for years has been in traditional building materials, but today, there are alternatives available that are free of this dangerous substance.

Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds in the Home

Instead of finishes that give off heavy amounts of volatile organic compounds or VOCs, there are finishes available with them or low amounts of them today. By using these finishes, the cabinet makers help you preserve the quality of your home’s air. You and your family members will not suffer respiratory issues as a result.

FSC-certified Timber Comes from Sustainable Sources

Another eco-friendly material that cabinet makers should include in their cabinetry is FSC-certified timber. We state this fact since this timber comes from only sustainable sources. Using this type of timber helps to protect valuable forests throughout Australia.

Recycling Old Wood Helps Preserve the Forests

An additional way to preserve our forests consists of recycling old wood from previous products. Many times, this type of wood comes from homeowners, demolished buildings and even recycling companies along with other sources.

Eco-Friendly Materials Are a Cost-Effective Option

With so many eco-friendly materials being readily available on the market at present, they are a cost-effective option for cabinet making. As a result, you will not pay additional prices for these materials in comparison to the traditional, toxic materials of the past. This helps the cabinet makers encourage clients to use these materials and helps the clients be able to afford to protect their home’s environment.

For further details about why cabinet makers should care about using eco-friendly materials, contact Elyse Cabinets. Part of our environmentally materials that we turn to include E-ZERO, SUPER E-ZERO, MDF E-ZERO and particle board E-ZERO options. We try to make our cabinets as harmless as possible to your house and the environment. Our company specialises in cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, alfresco areas, wall or entertainment units and laundry rooms along with new construction and renovation of bathrooms and kitchens.

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