December 6, 2016

What Makes E-Zero Particle Board Materials Environmentally Friendly?


Over the years, homeowners have discovered the dangers of traditional building materials, such as wood particle boards with toxic resins. Since these boards give off toxic emissions of formaldehyde and other chemicals from the resin binders, homeowners and their families suffer from health problems, such as respiratory issues. As a result, homeowners today request that contractors turn to as many eco-friendly materials as possible for new construction or renovation projects. E-zero particle boards are part of the new generation of building materials that are environmentally responsible in nature. Below, we examine what makes this type of material environmentally friendly for use in your home.

Information about Traditional Particle Board

To help you understand the significance of E-zero particle boards, let us discuss the manufacturing process of the traditional particle boards of the past. During the manufacturing of these boards, particles of wood and a formaldehyde-based resin are combined and compressed to form each board. The problem with this process is that the resin emits toxic gasses even after contractors install them in home furnishings and in structural components. When homeowners or their family members inhale these emissions each day, they can over time suffer from respiratory problems, headaches, burning eyes and even develop certain types of cancer.

E-Zero Particle Board Manufacturing Process

To replace the traditional particle boards, manufacturers now create particle boards with polyurethane resins. As a result, these boards emit lower levels of formaldehyde, if any at all, during the manufacturing process and later in the home. This is the major reason why this type of particle board is the eco-friendly alternative to the conventional particle board.

Fewer Toxic Emissions in the Home and the Environment

E-zero particle boards and products that contain them emit fewer toxic emissions in the home and also to the environment. Homeowners are able to breathe easier knowing that their inside air is not harmful to their bodies or those of their family members. On top of this, though, homeowners should rely on finishes that are low in toxic emissions, such as water-based stains in place of solvent-based ones to complete the environmentally friendly effect of the interior of their houses.

Contact our staff here at Elyse Cabinets for further facts about why E-zero particle board materials are environmentally friendly. All of our materials comply with the E-zero, MDF E-zero or super E-zero ratings to ensure that they are as harmless as possible to your home and the environment. In addition, we guarantee quality workmanship with each project.

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