Unique and Exciting Design Idea Suggestions for Your Alfresco Area

February 28, 2018

Often, Australian homeowners expand their living space simply by creating an alfresco area in their backyards. Not only does this provide the family additional space to spread out and relax, but it also allows the family to enjoy nature in a comfortable, and an enjoyable fashion. If you are considering one of these areas for your own backyard, you need to learn the following unique and exciting design idea suggestions to enhance it in an ideal way.

Decking, Stone Tiles or Concrete Make Ideal Flooring Suggestions

Merbau hardwood is one type of decking material that performs well in an alfresco area and is available in a wide assortment of colours. The grain of this wood shows through the stain to create an earthy ambiance. Stone tiles or slabs are another unique and exciting choice for outdoor flooring. When you have a tight budget to consider, concrete might be your most economical option while still offering a special ambiance to the floor.

Full Kitchen Setup Complete with a Sink and a Grill

Instead of just a plain grill without a work surface, install a full kitchen setup that is complete with counter space, a sink and a grill. Also, storage space and a mini refrigerator are two other options to add to this area. Various products, materials and finishes are available to bring this idea to fruition.

A Pergola Will Offer Shade for Hot Weather

If you wish to shade your alfresco area, a pergola is a unique way to accomplish this. It comes in a variety of styles including some of which are open and airy in comparison to a solid roof for the area.

Install a Fire Pit or Fireplace for Year Round Use

To ensure that you can use your outdoor area all year around, install either a fireplace or fire pit of brick or stone construction. During the cold weather, you can be toasty warm while lounging or entertaining outdoors. Some homeowners prefer the fire pits since they can be placed in the middle of this area and allow for circular seating arrangements, but others prefer a traditional fireplace due to the location of their area.

Wicker Furniture Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

Outdoor furniture comes in many different styles, but wicker furniture creates an extremely relaxing atmosphere and adds a bit of country to your d├ęcor in your alfresco area. It comes in a variety of shades and endures the outdoor environment in a durable manner.

For further unique and exciting design idea suggestions for your alfresco area, consult with Elyse Cabinets. We have expertise in creating these areas along with kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entertainment centres. Along with this, we use eco-friendly materials in our custom joinery projects.

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