June 19, 2015

Trade Secrets of a Successful Alfresco Design for Your Home

alfresco dinning

When you enjoy being outdoors, the desire is present to extend your living area to include your yard and gardens. An ideal way to do this is by utilising alfresco design techniques to create the right surroundings. What do these techniques involve for you? Alfresco design includes bringing various elements together to enhance an outdoor area to create a suitable atmosphere in which to entertain friends and family.

Adequate Outdoor Space

Your outdoor area should contain enough space to install all the decor and other features you select for this new entertainment spot for your home. Remember, not to overfill the area, as you want an airy, light feeling to the space. If you pile in too much furniture and fixtures, it will be claustrophobic. To ensure this, draw out the area on paper with the dimensions and place the items where you desire them to sit in the area. This will provide you with a rough idea whether or not you have adequate space. In addition, you also can show these plans to our company, Elyse Cabinets, when you order your cabinetry.

Tranquil Atmosphere

Another trade secret of creating the perfect alfresco design is to make sure the entire area is comfortable and relaxing. Soft lighting, chairs or stools with padding, and a table or two are some of the elements that make for a tranquil area. A water feature, a television, some music, a fire pit and other entertainment elements are other welcome additions that increase the enjoyment of this area.

Add Functionality with Cabinetry, a Barbeque and Other Kitchen Amenities

One vital element with today's alfresco design options is the addition of functionality to your outdoor area. You accomplish this by adding quality cabinetry that can accommodate a barbeque, a sink, a refrigerator and other kitchen amenities. Our company, Elyse Cabinets, will build you whatever cabinetry you require for your outdoor space. Our experts come out to your location and take the appropriate measurements. Then, we provide you a quote for all our services connected with your request. After we design and build your cabinetry with quality joinery techniques, we will install the barbeque and other features in it. Just as with our other creations, we use eco-friendly materials rated E-ZERO, MDF E-ZERO, or SUPER E-ZERO to stay in with today's concern for the environment.

We bring to you over 25 years of experience in this industry with each cabinet we design and build for you. Elyse Cabinets delivers quality workmanship at competitive prices. Our company not only specialises in cabinets for your alfresco area, but also the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Call us today at (03)9793 7717 to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas with us for your alfresco area or other areas of your home that require our services. We will be happy to exchange ideas and formulate an ideal plan to fulfil your desires.

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