The Popularity of Neutral Colours in Kitchen Cabinets

May 28, 2018

Although the most highly favoured colour schemes for kitchen cabinetry change each season, neutral hues and tonalities are timeless in popularity for kitchen cabinet colours. Neutral shades of cream, beige, cocoa, tan and sand have always been in frequent use for French Country style kitchen decor. Soft grays and whites have been prominent elements of colour in many contemporary kitchen interiors globally for the past few years. For the current season, dark or neutral colours accented with one or several bright colours for contrast have been in frequent use for updated kitchen cabinetry and decor.

Popular Use of Neutral Colours for Kitchen Cabinets Today

Neutral colours are in popular use for kitchen cabinetry decor today for several reasons, including the following:

  • Neutral Colours Enlarge Space Visually. - When you use neutral colours for painting and finishing your kitchen cabinets, you will open and expand the room's interior space visually. Your kitchen will feel and appear to be larger with more space for food preparation and cooking. A one or two-chef kitchen will now seem suitable for several home chefs working their culinary magic at once.
  • Cabinets of Neutral Shades Brighten Kitchens. - With cabinetry in subtle yet vitalizing neutral shades of beige, tan, cream, light cocoa or soft gray, your kitchen interior will have a brighter, more energetic ambiance. When preparing foods in your newly designed or redecorated kitchen, you will be inspired by the light, airy environment. This highly appealing setting is enhanced by natural sunlight and interior lighting softly absorbed and reflected by the gentle yet vital neutral shades of your attractive, stylish cabinetry.
  • Neutral Hues Emphasize Organic Elements of Decor. - By including beautiful, soft, neutral colours as paints and finishes for your kitchen cabinets, you will accent and emphasize the room’s organic elements like natural timber woodworking and ceramic or porcelain floor tiling. When you add some touches of seaweed green or aqua to the decor as splashback tiles or counter-side high stool seating upholstery, you will achieve a Mediterranean or tropical style and colour scheme to finish your fashionable new kitchen.

When you contact the expert cabinetry designers, builders and installers at Elyse Cabinets serving the entire Melbourne area, you will receive top level advice, designs and installation services for finely finished kitchen cabinetry. These experienced professionals will also refinish your current cabinets, revitalizing their surfaces. Enhanced by your new cabinets finished in attractive neutral hues and shades, you will enjoy preparing delicious foods in the soft, light ambiance of your vibrant new kitchen decor.

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