Significance of Dovetail Joints in Quality Woodwork for Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

April 26, 2018

When you know how to spot the signs of fine workmanship, it is easy to distinguish durable woodwork in kitchen drawers and cabinet from the cheap knockoffs. One major sign is that of dovetail joints. You will have an easy time detecting these as they are in the corners of the drawers. This style of joint has long been known for its longevity and strength. We discuss the significance of these joints in a bit more detail in the following facts.

Definition of a Dovetail Joint

A dovetail joint is also known as a swallowtail joint in Europe. This type of joint is commonly used in joinery ranging from furniture to cabinetry. It involves connecting two sections of wood through the use of interlocking pieces that fit similar to those in a jigsaw puzzle, and they resemble the shape of a dove’s tail. Joints of this style have a long, proven record for being the most reliable and strongest joining method in comparison to other methods. Also, they date back to at least, ancient Egypt and have been used with regularity since that time.

Expert joiners understand that there are different types of dovetail joints and how to select the right one for their purpose. Refer to the list below to learn the following styles of these joints:

  • Secret mitred dovetail
  • Sliding dovetail
  • Half-blind dovetail
  • Through dovetail
  • Secret double-lapped dovetail
  • Full dovetail

Dovetail Joints Provide a Strong Seam

Drawers and cabinets that include dovetail joints contain extremely strong and secure seams. As a result, they stand up to daily use without separating. Often, these elements do not require an upgrade during a renovation, thanks to these joints. If you discover that your drawers are nailed and/or glued in the corners instead of some type of dovetail joint, you might consider replacing them with ones that are better built.

Dovetail Joints Can Play a Role in Cabinet Refurbishing

When a construction company stands behind its work, it will require that any drawers that do not contain dovetail joints to be replaced with ones that do during a kitchen renovation. Only through taking this action, will they then issue you a guarantee of all of their services. You may resist the additional expense of this, but you should not since your results will last longer.

For further information about the significance of dovetail joints in quality woodwork for kitchen drawers and cabinets, consult with Elyse Cabinets. We deliver quality results with our skillful cabinetry services for your kitchen, bathroom, family room, alfresco area, laundry and other areas of your house.

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