Rustic Bathroom Renovation Style Ideas for Those with Unique Classic Taste

March 30, 2018

For homeowners who have unique classic taste in home design and decor, a rustic bathroom renovation can be an appealing project so long as it incorporates some basic classic ideas, styles and materials. If these home property owners decide on a rustic design, they will want it to blend with the overall interior design of their house. They will also want to choose renovating materials that complement and align with the current decor of their other room interiors. For example, if the balcony adjoining the dressing room outside the bath being renovated has a stunning floor of vintage terrazzo tiles, these homeowners may select a similar contemporary terrazzo tiling made to look like antique tiles. Rough of textured plaster walls with antique paint surfaces can also lend seasoned depth and fashionable age to the room's overall decor.

Basic Rustic Bathroom Renovation Styles for Homeowners with Unique Classic Taste

Some basic rustic bathroom renovation ideas and styles for those homeowners with unique classic taste today include the following:

  • Antiqued Stone or Vintage Terra-Cotta. - When home property owners choose stone tiling with an antiqued finish for the floors or walls of their bathroom redesign, they bring the style and fashion of classical art and design to the room's updated decor. When combined with more modern design and decorative features like beautifully crafted, sleek Victorian Ash cabinetry along with a double rainforest shower design with spacious water-jet spa bathtub adorned with ornate classic brass faucets, a unique decor mode is created.
  • Creative Plaster or Stucco Walling. - If home designers incorporate handcrafted stucco or plaster designed walling in the new bathroom design, this age-old decorative feature will emphasize the antique charm of the decor statement combined with the more minimalist sleek and new stylistic modes of the fixtures. When a streamlined, handsome console vanity with elegant, shallow oval basin is installed next to the classic stucco or plaster walls, antique and modern join to make a charming statement of melded styles in pleasing visual harmony.
  • Vintage Bath Lighting Fixtures. - By adding vintage lighting fixtures to your unique bathroom renovations, the entire household can enjoy soft, glowing lantern lights hanging from the ceiling or installed on the walls as sconce-style lighting. With small, stylish makeup lighting strands or spotlights placed around a cameo-fashion mirror installation above the attractive console and basin, there will be good, direct light where it is needed and softer, relaxing lighting throughout the remainder of this charming room.

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