New Trends in Cabinet Finishes that You Can Choose From

May 7, 2018

The new trends in cabinet finishes for 2018 include a variety of both traditional and innovative techniques for contemporary, fresh effects. Especially in your home kitchen, just by updating the finishes on wall-mounted, freestanding or under-benchtop cabinetry, you will introduce a very pleasing and influential new element of decor that will enhance the overall fashion statement of this active room’s interior. In fact, many people notice the finishes on cabinetry before they take note of the actual design features.

Since everyone in your household gathers in the kitchen before meals, while preparing snack foods or to enjoy cool drinks and relaxing conversation after work, school and activities, you want your kitchen to have a stylish yet comfortable and inviting atmosphere. By selecting cabinet finishes that are warm and colourful or cool and calming, according to your own preferences, you will succeed in creating an attractive kitchen interior where family and friends will naturally gather.

Appealing New Trends in Cabinetry Finishes for You to Choose From in 2018

Innovative and fashionable, fresh trends in cabinet finishes for you to choose from during 2018 include the following:

  • Paint Finishes. - Newly painted kitchen cabinets can bring a bright, uplifting effect to the interior of your culinary prep and cooking areas. Whether you choose vibrant colours like lemon, tangerine, deep rose red and indigo or softer earth tones like burnt sienna, sandstone and light slate gray, you will create a warm, welcoming environment for your home kitchen. Cabinets made of wood, wood-laminate or metal are easy to repaint, achieving a smooth, even, professional effect. However, plastic laminates cannot be heavily coated with paint and sometimes require paints specially formulated for use on their surfaces.
  • Milk Paint Finish. - To achieve the popular distressed surface look, use milk paint, which is composed of milk and lime. Milk paint is organic, chemical-free and completely eco-friendly, which is another good reason for using it on surfaces in your kitchen.
  • Stained Finishes. - When you apply a stained finish to your wooden kitchen cabinetry, you can refine the cabinet surfaces without altering or hiding the beautiful natural grain of the timbre. If your cabinet exteriors are nearly flawless, you may want to use a transparent stain. If your cabinet surfaces have some noticeable imperfections, using a darker, somewhat thicker stain to smooth out these surfaces visually is helpful. Stains that are somewhat opaque, when applied lightly, can add interesting effects to your cabinet doors and surfaces.
  • Glazed Finish. - Although often referred to as a finish, a glaze is actually another layer that is applied over a coat of paint or stain. The main purpose of using a glaze as the final coating for your cabinet surfaces is to protect the paint or stain finish underneath. Glazes also give more visual depth to the paint hues and stain effects that they cover.

When you consult the cabinetry experts at Elyse Cabinets serving Melbourne and all surrounding areas, you will receive excellent, experienced advice concerning use of all types of finishes for updating your kitchen cabinets. These fine caliber professionals will provide you with full information and techniques for adding the ideal surface finishes to your cabinetry, from traditional to the latest popular contemporary trends.

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