December 3, 2015

Modernise Your Living Room Space with Elegantly Designed Wall Units

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In the designer world, wall units have become increasingly popular in a modernised living room. The most prevalent are elegant designs that incorporate a home owner’s lifestyle. For the most part, many living rooms center on the TV. In fact, it has become the vocal point of the room. But remove the television and the heart of the décor has vanished.

Today the modernised living room embraces so much more. There is texture and depth with reclaimed walls, statement lighting and mood setting color. It is wholly designed around your lifestyle such as an entertainment center, a library or retreat within the home.

Entertainment Center

The typical living room props the TV up on a cabinet or attaches it to the largest wall facing the sofa. This look is very outdated. However, modernised designs incorporate the entertainment center into a new way of living. An entertainment wall unit holds all your devices and gadgets like the TV, DVD’s and CD’s, music systems and home theatre. Plus all your wires stay out of sight. In addition, the entertainment center can be stylized to be functional yet enhance your décor.

The new bravura includes a variety of options such as whole wall units, sectionals, floating cabinets, specialized drawers or shelves, ambient lighting and innumerable color palettes. Your custom entertainment center can include the perfect sized for your TV, specialized drawers for DVD’s and shelving for games and accessories. The styles are limitless.


As of late, the home library is gaining popularity. Without a doubt, the wall unit provides several benefits for organizing and enhancing your library:

Functional – Bookshelf units provide storage for all your books plus organization for DVDs, CDs and other items. It is a great way to arrange collective items that everyone shares.

Optimizing Space – A wall unit frees up floor space in your living room and gives it an airy feeling. It also provides more room for other furniture pieces.

Decorative – Wall bookshelves add to the decorative style of your living area. They create a great focal point that is both enchanting and inviting. The shelves can be used to display collectables that often get hidden in china cabinets.

Your Own Retreat

Turn your living area into a personal retreat that you can enjoy whenever the need arises. A wall unit provides the perfect space for all your relaxing needs. You can set the mood with ambiance select lighting, a surround sound music system and shelves for accessories like candles. Plus it offers extra room for essentials like yoga or exercise mats, pillows, blocks or floor furniture for meditation. Frankly, wall units can easily transform your living room into a retreat of your dreams.

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