Laundry Cabinets

Most homes have laundry rooms where the washing machine, ironing board and iron are kept and used. However, more often than not, this is one room that is often overlooked when giving remodelling a home or adding storage space. Ironically, this is the room that could benefit from functional and beautiful laundry cabinets.

Why Laundry Cabinets?

Just like you need storage space for your groceries, utensils, clothes and linen, your laundry too requires storage space. Laundry cupboards maximize the use of wall space, which otherwise would not have been used. And, you can build customised laundry cupboards around your washing machine, so that everything looks neat, tidy and organised.Read more.

Laundry cupboards or cabinets have multiple uses. Some of the ways to use them include:

  • Detergent and Fabric Softener Storage: You may have different detergents and fabric softeners for different kinds of clothes and fabrics. Laundry cupboard allows you to store these washing products in a systematic manner, so that you know where each product is housed in the cupboard.
  • Dirty Clothes and Linen: You can use laundry cupboards to store dirty clothes and linen that you want to wash at a later date. This way the laundry bag with soiled clothes, bedsheets, pillow cases and curtains can be kept out of sight, creating a neat laundry room.
  • Storage for Ironing Board: No longer will you have to stack the ironing board against the wall and risk it falling on anyone moving around the laundry room. Laundry cupboards can be designed to store ironing boards when they are not in use. And, if you storing the ironing board in it, you also can use it to store the iron. Some customised laundry cabinets are designed with built-in ironing boards which can be a boon to busy homemakers and working professionals.
  • Storing Wet, Dirty Footwear: Instead of letting family members track dirt and soil through the house, you can use laundry cabinets to store dirty, soiled and wet shoes and other footwear. Later they can be cleaned and then aired.

Beautiful and Practical

You can easily club aesthetics and functionality to get laundry cupboards that are visually appealing and offer you the storage space you want in your laundry room. These cupboards are available in a range of sizes, designs and price range. It is best to go with wood laundry cupboards, as they are more durable, resilient and long-lasting.

Contact Elyse Cabinets today for customised laundry cupboards. You will love the fact that these cupboards increase the storage space in your home and allow you to maintain a neater and more organised home.

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