December 7, 2017

Kitchen Theme Colours that Best Match Dark Cabinets

Old and new

When planning your new kitchen decor, one of the most enjoyable aspects is selecting the colour scheme to include such items as cabinets, countertops, backsplash and flooring. However, many homeowners are hesitant to make final colour plan decisions for their kitchen interiors, feeling somewhat inadequate to choose an attractive theme focused on combining varied colours and tones. For this reason, all professional home renovation companies either hire or consult with colour specialists when forming their companies so they can rely on expert advice for updating kitchen colour schemes for their customers. It is important to realise that choosing an appealing colour combination for new kitchen decor that will not become tiresome or boring over time may require the knowledge and advice of a professional colourist or an interior designer with excellent training and experience in selecting attractive kitchen colour schemes.

Choosing Kitchen Theme Colours that Best Match and Complement Dark Cabinet Tones

Certain theme colours for your kitchen decor update that best match and enhance dark cabinet hues and tones include the following:

  • Colour Scheme with Resene Black Cabinets. - If you are planning to install kitchen cabinetry that is pure Resene Black in colour, an ideal hue for your countertops will be a natural or neutral-patterned marble. While the darker shades in the stone's surface patterns will give soft emphasis to the ebony cabinets, the lighter neutral shades of marble ranging from subdued grays and light red-gold to burnt sienna will brighten and enliven the overall colour scheme of the decor. Natural auburn or rose colouration of the marble surface also lends warmth and vibrancy to the room interior. A combination of black, charcoal and amber furniture and accessories, when accented in the backsplash design, will further emphasize and enhance your kitchen decor.
  • Kitchen Decor with Cabinets in Taubmans Old Mill Blue - A kitchen colour scheme highlighted by cabinets of Taubman's stunning Old Mill Blue grows brighter and bolder when this dynamic blue paint is paired with subtle, soothing gray-mauve and cream-white quartz or marble benchtops. By adding design elements of deep green-gray or light turquoise in kitchen bar seating, wall paint or floor tiling, you can create a pleasing seaside or countryside brook-bank ambiance for your food preparation room.
  • Kitchen Decor Centered Around Laminex Moleskin Cabinetry. - A charming kitchen interior with a colour theme centered around cabinets painted in rich Laminex Moleskin will radiate warm and vitality when accentuated by such hues as sunset red and harvest orange. When mixed with chocolate and cream highlights for furniture and accessories or floor tiling, this colour grouping will delight and inspire all home chefs and aspiring young cooks.

When you contact the kitchen renovations experts at Elyse Cabinets, providing excellent service to Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive top-caliber advice, designs, building and installation of modern kitchen cabinets and other items of kitchen decor to meet your exact desires and specifications. This excellent team of remodeling and updating professionals will also provide you with finest quality advice concerning the ideal colour schemes from which to choose. This skillful team will help transform your home kitchen into a highly attractive, appealing and inviting interior for all your culinary preparation needs while you enjoy casual conversation and relaxation with family and friends.

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