Kitchen Renovations

Elyse Cabinets is a name that you should know if you are looking to undertake kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Not only have we been present in this field for over 25 years, we also bring nothing but the best to our customers.

Different people have different reasons to renovate their kitchen. However, without that personalised touch, your kitchen will look like any other kitchen. It is Elyse Cabinets that makes a difference to kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

Our cabinets are unique and special. We aren’t saying this. Our customers are, and here’s why we are considered one of the best domestic interior companies in Melbourne...


Durable and Long-Lasting: Elyse Cabinets are made from the finest wood. These are not manufactured in an assembly line where focus is more on quantity than quality. Our cabinets are lovingly created and crafted by skilled tradesmen, who bring with years of experience and expertise. Each part of the cabinet is manually made and fitted, and this makes our cabinets durable.

Quality Materials: We can’t lay enough emphasis on quality. Kitchen renovations in Melbourne are not something people undertake everyday. Hence, you will definitely want cabinets and fittings that are built to last. At Elyse Cabinets, we are proud to inform you from something as simple as glue and screws to as complex as the type of wood and polish are carefully selected keeping in mind quality. We want to offer nothing but the best to our clients, so we make sure quality materials are used to build every single piece of our cabinets.

Eco-Friendly: Today, more and more people realise the importance of using eco-friendly products in their homes and business premises. Elyse Cabinets also believes in this, and that’s why our cabinets are made from wood that is procured from sustainable forests. We have stringent procedures in place to check the origin of the wood.

Kitchen Builder

At Elyse Cabinets, each feature of our cabinets is a work of art. It is lovingly and painstakingly made to reflect what you need and require. While our cabinetry designs are stunning and awe-inspiring, we also believe in making them functional. What is the point of having cabinets that just look good without offering the storage solutions you are seeking?

We offer end-to-end solutions for kitchen renovations in Melbourne as well as installation of new kitchens. And, our customer support is our unique strength that allows us to forge long-term relationships with our customers. We are there to assist you before you decide on the style and design of the kitchen cabinets; we are there during the installation process; and we are there long after we finish the project. We even help you choose the perfect design for the layout of your kitchen and suggest styles and wood that would best suit your needs and budget without compromising on quality.

New Kitchen Designs

Elyse Cabinets has always been at the forefront of new designs, innovations and creativity. Whether you want to give your kitchen a contemporary, modern look and feel or you want to capture the true essence of the countryside with a rustic design, we have it all.

Our ability to customise allows us to create new kitchen designs every time. As a result, each kitchen looks unique and different, reflecting individual taste and personality. Check out our vast collection of new kitchen designs. We are certain you will be tempted to take them all! Our designs are about quality, functionality and creativity. Where else can you get everything you want in your kitchen cabinets? Just at Elyse Cabinets.