FAQs about MDF E-Zero Boards: What You Need To Know

July 25, 2018

Today, there are many construction materials from which to choose to include in your home. However, if you select traditional ones, you may be including toxic materials in your home. This is where boards such as the medium density fibreboard or MDF E-Zero boards come into play. Below, you will discover some pertinent FAQs about MDF boards and MDF E-Zero Boards to further educate you on both.

What Are MDF Boards?

Medium density fibreboard or MDF boards are a wood-based material that is made by compressing wood fibres together with the help of synthetic resin adhesive. The wood fibres usually are from softwoods but also may include a portion of hardwoods. MDF is durable as well as easy to work with and veneer. It can be found in all price ranges of furniture and other woodworking elements.

Why Some MDF Boards Are Toxic to the Environment and to Your Home?

The problem with standard MDF boards is the fact that their adhesive resins give off toxic levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems when too much of it is inside of a home. It also can pollute the environment.

How Do MDF Boards Earn an E-Zero Rating?

Since standard MDF boards are toxic in nature, manufacturers now are starting to use polyurethane resin adhesives in manufacturing MDF boards. These adhesives give off much lower levels of formaldehyde than the ones used in standard MDF boards. The boards receive a rating according to their levels of formaldehyde emissions. Ratings are as follows:

  • E-Two boards contain 30 grams of formaldehyde per 100 grams of resin adhesive
  • E-One boards contain nine grams of formaldehyde per 100 grams of resin adhesive
  • E-Zero boards contain only three milligrams of formaldehyde per 100 grams of resin adhesive

What House Elements Can Contain MDF E-Zero Boards?

Many elements in your home can include MDF E-Zero boards to lower the level of formaldehyde that you are exposed to on a daily basis. It is ideal for custom kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinetry as well as entertainment centres and other items.

What Are the Benefits of Using MDF E-Zero Boards in Your Home’s Features?

  • Cost-effective building material
  • Durable to stand up to daily use
  • MDF E-Zero is paintable and stainable
  • It helps preserve your air quality

To learn additional FAQs about MDF E-Zero boards, contact Elyse Cabinets. We use these boards and other environmentally friendly ones in all of our projects, according to the wishes and needs of our clients. Our company specialises in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, alfresco areas, wardrobes, wall units and entertainment centres.

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