December 1, 2016

Create the Best Kitchen Ambiance with a New Kitchen Design


One goal of your new kitchen design through a remodel should be to create the ideal kitchen ambiance for your home. When you understand the right way to plan for this, it is easy to include all the necessary elements to come out with the right atmosphere in an aesthetically appealing room for coming together with your family and friends for food prep and consumption of your delectable creations. Refer to our list below to learn how to create the best ambiance in this room.

Change the Shape of the Kitchen

When you have sufficient space, change the shape of your kitchen. For example, transform a single-wall one into an L-shaped or U-shaped one. Either one of the latter two shapes provide a spacious work area with ample storage and benchtop space. No more will you feel cramped when trying to prepare a meal.

Turn to Quality, Custom Cabinetry for Attractive, Functional Storage

Replace your old cabinets with new custom cabinetry to receive attractive, highly functional storage. You can combine various styles together to obtain a wide range of organisational possibilities. While certain cabinets contain shallow, deep or warming drawers, other ones contain stationary shelves, rotating racks or shelves, dish racks or cubby holes.

Install Natural Materials as Flooring and Benchtops

Decide upon natural materials, such as stone and timber, for flooring and benchtops to add an earthiness to the kitchen. Examples of types of stone that you can use are marble, granite and quartz. While certain kinds of stone are suitable for flooring such as marble, others are better for benchtops. Timber has long been a favourite for both benchtops and flooring. The unique grain patterns of it vary between the different species of timber. If the cost of these natural materials is a bit high for your budget, you can select for laminates, clay tiles and other less expensive choices. Take note here that some choices for benchtops require sealing to be durable.

Enhance the Kitchen with Colours That Complement Each Other

Be certain that all the colours you select for your kitchen elements complement each other and do not clash. Choose no more than three colours for the foundation of your decorating scheme. You can add accent colours in small amounts throughout the kitchen to keep your colour scheme from being too overwhelming.

Add the Latest in Illumination

Today, there are LED lighting options that range from overhead fixtures to under the cabinet ones to fulfil your illumination needs in the kitchen. Add these for an affordable source of light since they require less energy than incandescent bulbs do at present.

To obtain the best kitchen ambiance with a new kitchen design, hire Elyse Cabinets to perform your remodel for you. We are experts in our field and guarantee quality results.

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