Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Doing a Kitchen Renovation

June 8, 2018

If it is once again time for a kitchen remodel at your home, you need to realise that you must plan it correctly in order to receive favourable results. When you fail to do so, you can make some rather costly mistakes that you might not be able to afford to remedy right away. To avoid issues, we list some of the most common pricey mistakes with kitchen remodels in the following information.

Hiring a Disreputable Contracting Company

The top mistake to avoid is hiring an unreliable contracting company that produces poor results. Homeowners who fail to perform in-depth research on a company before signing contracts are at high risk of making this mistake.

Placing Functionality Second to Aesthetics

The functional features should always come first with a kitchen remodel. If you place aesthetic elements as a priority, it is easy to run out of money before you create a truly functional kitchen.

Installing Inadequate Lighting Options

Most of the time, the overhead lighting is only sufficient for navigational purposes and not for food prep. You should always include task lighting options in addition to overhead lighting to ensure that you have the proper illumination for all functions that you perform in your kitchen.

Overlooking the Importance of Storage

Another major costly mistake is when you underestimate the importance of storage in a kitchen. If you need to add additional cabinets after a remodel, they typically cost more than when you include them in the original renovation project.

Selecting Cheap Materials for Your Countertops

Spend a bit extra to avoid making this mistake with your countertops. Cheap materials are not always as economical as they appear to be since they fail to hold up over time. When you choose one of these materials, you will need to replace your countertops more often than you would if you select a pricier one that is higher quality.

Failing to Use Eco-Friendly Materials and Finishes

Since we understand that various building materials give off unhealthy levels of formaldehyde and that certain finishes emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs, you should not make the mistake of using them in your kitchen renovation. Instead, you should use eco-friendly materials that give off as little formaldehyde as possible, if any at all, and environmentally friendly finishes that do not emit VOCs.

To discover additional costly mistakes to avoid when doing a kitchen renovation, consult with Elyse Cabinets. We are experts in kitchen construction and renovation, and we use only eco-friendly materials and finishes to ensure that your home’s interior is as healthy as possible for all who enter it. Also, our results always are highly attractive, functional and durable.

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