Cabinet Makers Melbourne

There are many cabinet makers in Melbourne, Australia, but there are very few who can boast about outstanding quality, unbeatable reliability and superior customer service. Elyse Cabinets is proud to be among the chosen few whose kitchen cabinets speak volumes.

Quality You Can Rely On

Years later when customers come back to us and tell us that, they love our kitchen cabinets and that the cabinets still look new gives us a lot of pleasure. It also shows us we are on the right path with our stringent quality control measures.

Before any piece of lumber is used to make cabinets, it is carefully evaluated and checked for quality. The wood has to be perfect and top-notch quality to be used for cabinet-making. This ensures longevity and durability.

As professional cabinet makers in Melbourne, we want to make sure every cabinet lasts a lifetime. And, this is where our quality comes into play. Every aspect of the cabinet has to be perfect before it is presented to customers. This is the reason our customers have faith in our products and keep coming back for more.

Taking Cabinet Making to an Art Form

Elyse Cabinets not only believes in making functional kitchen cabinets, we also create aesthetically pleasing cabinets. Our workmanship is of extremely high standard and this has allowed us to turn cabinet making to an art form.

The love, attention to detail and care that goes into making our kitchen cabinets are evident from the outset. Our cabinets have a great finish and the different styles make sure they can blend in with any kind of kitchen décor.

Prompt Delivery and Installation

When you order kitchen cabinets from Elyse Cabinets, you can rest assured knowing we will dispatch the order quickly. Our customers love our fast delivery and our technicians install the cabinets as per your instructions. We make all efforts to minimise any disruption in your day-to-day life. Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable. So installations take place quickly and efficiently. The entire process from ordering to installation hardly takes any time.

Where delivery and installation is concerned, you can depend on us completely. We make sure the cabinets reach your residence on the date and time chosen by you and our technicians always accompany deliveries, so that installation too occurs within minutes of the cabinets reaching your residence.

Par Excellence Customer Service

Our Elyse Cabinet family has been growing from the day we came into existence 25 years ago. There is a reason why our family is so large. At Elyse Cabinets, every customer is important and we make it a point to listen to everything our customers have to say and then offer customised cabinet solutions to meet their needs.

Even after we finish the installation, we are there to answer queries, make recommendations and suggestion and also inform you about new products. We can say with pride customer service has always been important to us and we make it a point that our customers and prospective customers have a superior experience when dealing with us.

We definitely are cabinet makers with a difference. Connect with us to find out why we are best in the industry and why Elyse Cabinets is the most sought-after cabinet maker in Melbourne, Australia.