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Kitchen Theme Colours that Best Match Dark Cabinets

December 7, 2017

When planning your new kitchen decor, one of the most enjoyable aspects is selecting the colour scheme to include such items as cabinets, countertops, backsplash and flooring. However, many homeowners are hesitant to make final colour plan decisions for their kitchen interiors, feeling somewhat inadequate to choose an attractive theme focused on combining varied colours and tones.

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old and new

Mix Old and New Kitchen Cabinets in Style

December 1, 2017

When you are on a tight budget and need to remodel your kitchen for additional storage, you may wonder if there is a way to do it in a cost-saving fashion. The good news is that there is a way to accomplish this goal by mixing your old kitchen cabinets with new ones.

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counter top

Kitchen Design and Renovations: Pros and Cons of Concrete Countertops

November 14, 2017

If you are building a new kitchen or renovating your current food preparation areas, an important decision is what type of material to choose for your kitchen countertops. Top contenders among today's choices include granite, quartz, marble, concrete and various types of laminates. While some materials offer high levels of cost-efficiency, others may be more durable.

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Kitchen Design and Renovations: Should You Go for Engineered Stone Countertops?

November 3, 2017

Since every homeowner's concept of value and quality is unique, the ultimate decision of whether to install natural or engineered stone countertops to enhance your new or renovated kitchen decor must be your own decision. If you are having difficulty deciding between the two for your current kitchen interior update, you should consider both aesthetic and practical aspects of your kitchen's daily use by your entire household.

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What Are Hybrid Cabinet Doors and What Makes Them Sustainable?

October 25, 2017

Many homeowners are in search of sustainable materials to use in their homes in various places, including their cabinet doors. While they desire for their homes to be attractive and durable, they want to accomplish this in an eco-friendly manner. Luckily, there are now hybrid cabinet doors that fulfil this desire in a quality manner.

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Laundry Room Cabinet and Storage Ideas

October 12, 2017

Laundry rooms are among the most rooms in the house. For this reason, they need effective organisation to keep them from being cluttered and untidy. Part of organising this room includes enacting effective laundry room cabinet and storage ideas. When you fail to do this, laundering clothes can be complete drudgery. Through installing the proper setup, though, you turn this drudgery into an enjoyable task to perform, regardless of the size of your loads. We offer you the following suggestions to help you decide which cabinet and storage ideas are right for your laundry room.

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Why Custom Joinery is the Best

September 21, 2017

Whether your home requires an extension or renovation, there are many things to take into consideration. Generally, home improvement includes re-carpeting, new appliances or adding extra storage space. But there are various types of home improvement projects that are not usually thought of. Unfortunately, some homeowners can overlook essential features that will give their home a nice finishing touch such as wood joinery.

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Custom Carpentry Services for Home Renovations (Bringing Your Own Ideas to Life)

September 6, 2017

For home owners, property value is always a concern. That is why every home improvement project should be done with the idea that it will improve your home and its value. With that being said, there are countless renovation ideas, with the only limits being your own imagination.

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Bathroom Joinery: Choosing Between Cheap vs Custom Made

August 28, 2017

Bathroom joinery consists of such necessary items as linens cabinetry, vanities, benchtops and shaving chests. If you are outfitting a newly designed bathroom or replacing old and worn joinery for this important and well-used room in your home, your first major decision will be whether to order somewhat costly custom designed joinery or to choose mass-produced or pre-designed and constructed bath cabinetry that is less expensive, but lacking unique, innovative style.

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light theme

Why Bathroom and Kitchen Designs and Functionality are Important in Home Saleability

August 10, 2017

In the modern era of fashionable home decor, kitchen and bath designs and functionality are of major importance to high rates of home saleability. By making either primary or subtle alterations or additions to your home bathroom or kitchen interior design, you can create an entirely new, highly appealing look and ambiance that will impress future home buyers who may view your home.

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red theme

Top 5 Reasons Why Some Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget

July 25, 2017

Making improvements to a home is never a bad thing, especially if you’re a homebody who likes to cook or entertain guests, a kitchen renovation is a great idea. Kitchen renovations are one of the many milestones that every homeowner will have to go through at some point in their lives, although, it is important plan within one’s means.

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Sustainable Home Renovation Design Ideas

July 18, 2017

If you are planning to refurbish your current home's interior spaces, you will gain valuable benefits by using sustainable home renovation design ideas and practices. Well placed cabinetry and innovative wall units can increase your living space and reduce clutter while eliminating the need to order or construct additional furniture made from freshly harvested natural timber.

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Best Bathroom Cabinet Trends for 2017

June 27, 2017

While bathroom trends come and go each year, it is always wise to understand which ones are in at present, especially in cabinets, in case you decide to renovate your bathroom. By doing so, you will be able to discuss your needs with a construction company in an intelligent manner. We have compiled our list of what we consider the best bathroom cabinet trends for 2017.

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3 zone

What Are the Three Zones for Storage in Your Kitchen?

June 16, 2017

All homeowners probably agree that they use their kitchens more than most of the other rooms in their homes other than the bathrooms. For this reason, this room should be set up properly, especially when it comes to storage. According to experts, there are three main areas or zones for storage in this room, namely the refrigerator zone, the stove zone and the sink zone.

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Rustic Cabinets and Cupboards: Bringing Vintage Design Style to Your Kitchen

May 24, 2017

When you work with professional woodcrafters and cabinet makers with experience and expertise, you can bring stunning vintage design style to your kitchen decor. The best woodworkers and builders are all well-versed in the attributes and qualities of all types of timber available on the Australian construction supply market today.

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Reasons Why Alfresco Spaces Never Become Out of Style

May 9, 2017

The word ‘alfresco’ may be somewhat unfamiliar outside of the culinary scene, but in the original Italian language it can be loosely translated to ‘open-air’, and is a mainstay of Italian architecture and aesthetics since time immemorial. Alfresco spaces have always been popular, thanks to their one-of-a-kind aesthetic that create equal, inimitable and wholly unpredictable parts – in a good way.

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Fresh Ideas for Sustainable Kitchen Renovation Materials

April 28, 2017

As the central gathering place of many active homes in Australia, the kitchen is often the room most frequently in need of updating and renovating today. Many homeowners are now choosing sustainable building and remodeling materials that help contribute to a healthier, more balanced and non-toxic environment. For this reason, they are selecting low-flow taps and products with low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels and low counts of embodied energy for use in home kitchen construction.

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Kitchen Cabinet Guide for your Home

April 19, 2017

When you are considering a remodeling project for your home's kitchen or you are in the beginning stages of planning the design of your new kitchen, working with a master cabinetry designer and builder can bring you excellent results.

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wall unit

Makers and Installers of Modern Entertainment Wall Units that Fit the Budget

March 27, 2017

Here at Elyse Cabinets, we specialise in designing, building and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as modern entertainment wall units that fit any budget. Our cabinetry experts can create either free standing or wall entertainment units for any room in the house, and that will suit anyone’s style and tastes.

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Custom Built Laundry Cupboards: Why Is This a Good Idea for your Laundry Space?

March 8, 2017

Most homeowners today find that having a spacious, well-lit laundry room with new washer and dryer is not enough for efficiently running regular loads of family laundry. Aside from good quality equipment in excellent working condition, you need adequate storage space for detergents, water softeners, fabric conditioners and general floor, wall and countertop cleaning agents for ongoing maintenance.

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Pros and Cons of Modular Kitchens

February 21, 2017

There are numerous pros and cons to choosing a modular kitchen design for your home today. These designs have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, and they continue to be frequent favorites among homeowners for new kitchen layouts.

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Explore Different Options for Kitchen Designs before Investing for Renovation

February 10, 2017

One aspect of home living that has not changed throughout the centuries is that the kitchen or food preparation area of a home environment is the central hub or gathering place for the home and its inhabitants.

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Sleek Italian Kitchen Style with Clever Storage System

January 24, 2017

If it is time to update your kitchen's functionality, you may be in a quandary about the style that will best suit your needs. You should consider the benefits that a sleek Italian kitchen style with its clever storage will provide for you. A style such as this is all about minimalist design features that are both functional and attractive.

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The New Kitchen Cabinet Rule: Why Tall Cabinets Are In?

January 10, 2017

Kitchen design rules and trends change almost yearly today. The new kitchen cabinet rule for 2017 is that short ones are out and tall ones are in this year. Various reasons exist for this change ranging from eliminating the dead zone on top of the upper cabinets that collects clutter and dust to providing flexible cupboard configurations.

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