Bathroom Designs Melbourne

Perfect bathroom designs are important to have a perfect house. There have been significant changes in bathroom concepts in the last few decades. They have grown far more than being simple, sanitised and utilitarian rooms. They have now evolved into home spas and personal retreats. A good bathroom design is the outcome of effective planning, resourceful information, and careful consideration. It is important to plan for every fixture and function. Read more.


Giving Bathrooms a Personality

At Elyse Cabinets, we take pride in designing and creating beautiful and attractive bathrooms. We work with you to help you visualise the character and style that not only suits your bathroom, but also your individual taste, personality and style. Through state-of-the-art computer programmes, we design and create digital bathrooms that truly reflect your personal preference.

Once you are satisfied with every aspect and element of the design, we shift to transferring that to the actual bathroom.

Unsurpassed Quality and Workmanship

Elyse Cabinet believes in quality, in all spheres. Be it the finished product or installation, you will be amazed with our superior quality. Our bathroom designs definitely are worthwhile. We aren’t saying this. Our customers are - those who have given testimonials about the quality of our bathroom interiors, workmanship and keen eye for details.

Forging Long Term Relationships

Our job doesn’t end with delivering and installing bathroom interiors. We believe in fostering long-term relationship with our customers. This is the reason why our after sales service is the talk of town! The delight and satisfaction we see on the faces of our customers makes it worthwhile.

The next time you renovate your house, don’t overlook your bathroom. Remember, it is the most used space of your home, even if you don’t want to admit it. Make your bathroom trendy, aesthetically pleasing and a haven that you always wanted. Call Elyse Cabinets today and we would love to discuss your dreams and see what you want when it comes to bathroom designs. We are certain we can recreate your dreams effortlessly.


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